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PlanIt-BookIt enables your customers or members to easily make bookings online. It features a full graphical calendar view that automatically resizes itself to fit the device it is being used on. Has a calendar control and previous and next day buttons to enable quick viewing of bookings on a particular day.

Open and closing times and resource availability can all be loaded into the system as can club specific bookings such as for team events or competitions.

The system incorporates a bookings list where members or customers can see all of their future bookings in one place.


PlanIt-BookIt also includes a full and comprehensive membership system. This system can be enabled to work with the booking functionality or it can work completely stand alone. Ideal for organizations or clubs that manage memberships but don’t book out resources.

The membership system can be tailored to your particular needs. Meaning that we can add new membership fields that meet your requirements. As a standard there are contact fields, address details and a notes section for recording anything else that may be of value.

Members Directory

Includes a full member’s directory to make it easy for members to contact each other.

Members Documents

Members can view documents posted by club administrators.

Club Documents

Administrators can post both public and private documents. Public documents are viewable by the members. Private documents are only viewable by administrators.

Correspondence System

Within PlanIt-BookIt’s administration module there is a full correspondence system for communicating with your members. Send out club correspondence directly from PlanIt-BookIt and include attachments. Includes a facility for managing groups who you correspond with.

Online Payments

Want to enable your members to renew online or pay for resources as they book? Not a problem. PlanIt-BookIt is fully set up to handle online payments.


Have an event that you’re organizing? Let PlanIt-BookIt simplify the process for you.

Whether your event is a competition or an evening’s entertainment, simply enter the event title, description and details and start taking bookings and payments. Events don’t have to be restricted to club members either, you can roll them out to the wider public if you so desire by publishing a unique url that we create for you.

Please note we do charge an additional 3.75% transaction fee for customers on our standard plan. For pro users there are no transaction charges.

Email Notifications

PlanIt-BookIt notifies you by email when your booking has been made. If you are making a court booking and have logged your opponent in the booking, then they too will also be notified of the booking.

Other notifications include an email to you and your opponent (if applicable) to inform that the booking has been cancelled and a reminder email to remind you of your booking the day before.

Cancellation Notification

If your chosen resource and time that you wanted to book for is currently full then you still have a chance of booking at your preferred time with PlanIt-BookIt’s cancellation notification feature.

Specify what resource you are looking to book and the time slots that you are interested in and then if someone subsequently cancels their booking you will be notified via email.


If there’s a score or result associated with your booking or event then you will want to utilize PlanIt-BookIt\’s ranking features. PlanIt-BookIt has full ranking functionality that is modelled on the ELO rating system.

Promote some competitive rivalry within your club!

Links Directly to Facebook

PlanIt-BookIt can be connected directly to your club or organizations Facebook page. So when any of your customers or members log on to PlanIt-BookIt they get automated news feeds directly from Facebook.

An ideal way to promote club activities.

Privacy Settings

PlanIt-BookIt enables your members to have full control over their privacy settings. They can choose what personal information is displayed to other members.

Cloud Based

PlanIt-BookIt is hosted in a highly secure environment on Microsoft cloud servers. We chose Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for their reputation for security, privacy, compliance and reliability. For further details, please see Microsoft Azure