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Online Bookings, Memberships

and Much More

An online booking and membership system that helps you manage your business and makes it easy to take online bookings.

Features & Benefits

A booking system that does much more than your typical booking system…


Featuring a full graphical calendar view PlanIt-BookIt enables your customers to easily make bookings online. Includes a calendar control and previous and next day buttons to enable quick viewing of bookings. Sends booking confirmations and reminders.


Incorporates a full membership management system. Enables members to sign-up, renew and pay for membership online. Includes reminders and provisioning for GDPR requirements


Incorporates a full correspondence system. Email your members directly from the system, create email groups and even add attachments.

Online Payments

Can take online payments from customer/members for bookings, events and membership dues.

Social Sharing

Connects directly to your Facebook page enabling news feeds and posts to be broadcast to your members as they use the system.


Hosted securely in the cloud on Microsoft Azure servers.

Device Independent

PlanIt-BookIt has been designed to work with any smart device. It automatically resizes itself to fir to the dimension of the device that you are using it on.


When used with a sports facility there is an option to rank players.

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Recent Development

We publish all of our recent development activities directly on our Objitec company page.


Squash Court Bookings

Manage your squash clubs court bookings. PlanIt-BookIt can be set up to enable your members to make squash court or racketball reservations.


Manage the membership of your riding club. Includes member export functionality enabling members to be exported and styled as per a predefined template for organisations that have a requirement to submit membership details to a governing body such as the BRC (British Riding Club).


Manage you executive car chauffeur business from anywhere. Clients can request jobs, drivers can accept jobs and operators can manage their entire operation.

PlanIt-BookIt isn’t your typical online booking system. It’s designed so that it can be tailored to work with many different businesses, organisations and clubs.

Use it to simply manage your clubs membership and to take online dues, or if you have a court, pitch or some other resource that your rent out then use it to manage and take online reservations for that activity.

The list of possible solutions below is by no means exhaustive. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Sports Pitch Management
Manage the bookings of your sports pitch with PlanIt-BookIt. Take online reservations for your indoor / outdoor pitches and / or sports hall.


Martial Arts Club Memberhsip
Use PlanIt-BookIt to effectively manage the membership of your martial arts club. Whether it’s Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi or one of the many others PlanIt-BookIt can manage your student memberships.


Archery Club Memberhsip
Manage the membership of your archery club with PlanIt-BookIt. Use the events feature to host competitions.

Baseball Club Management
Manage the membership of your baseball club with PlanIt-BookIt.


Cricket Club Membership
PlanIt-BookIt is an ideal solution for managing your cricket club memberships. Allow members to pay and renew online. Or maybe you have practice cricket lanes that you’d like people to be able to reserve online.


How Secure is PlanIt-BookIt

PlanIt-BookIt is hosted securely in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft build security and privacy right into the Azure platform. They follow a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) that addresses security at every phase and to quote Microsoft..

Operational Security Assurance (OSA) builds on SDL knowledge and processes to provide a framework that helps ensure secure operations throughout the lifecycle of cloud-based services. Azure Security Center makes Azure the only public cloud platform to offer continuous security-health monitoring.”

Is it easy to migrate from my current system to PlanIt-BookIt

Providing we can get an export text file or spreadsheet of your current member list it’s pretty straightforward for us to load your data into PlanIt-BookIt.

As far as setting up opening, closing times and duration’s of bookable resources and linking any Facebook page that you might have we work with you directly to assist. It’s usually a relatively easy process.

How safe is PlanIt-BookIt’s Payment System

Your customer payments to you for bookable resources and membership fees are paid for via PayPal. We chose PayPal for it’s financial regulatory compliance and it’s security. We make available a full PayPal transaction report for PlanIt-BookIt administrators so you can track exactly who paid you, how much and when.

How much does PlanIt-BookIt cost?

We offer two pricing levels for PlanIt-BookIt Standard which includes all membership features and Pro which also includes resource booking.

Both plans include an event management system which enables you to host events such as competitions, special coaching classes, etc. For users on Standard pricing we charge a small percentage of the transaction fees when using event. No charge for Pro users.

New subscribers get the first months subscription free of charge, and they are also assisted with configuration and set up.

Use on any device

Use PlanIt-BookIt on any device that supports a modern browser. PlanIt-BookIt has been specifically designed to reformat itself so as to work on many different device sizes. Let your customers make bookings or see the latest club communications on-the-go.

Connected whether on their mobile, tablet, or desktop. 

any device

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