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Executive Car Create A Copy Of A Job


Create A Copy Of A Job

To create a copy of an existing job, first sign-in with your email and password. Then select the red All Jobs menu button.

executive-car customer menu


After clicking the All Jobs button you will be presented with the following View Jobs screen.

view jobs


Click on the job you would like to create a copy of.

The details of the job will be displayed on the screen.

job details


At the bottom of the screen, you should see a white Create Copy button. Click that button and the system will display a Create Copy pop-up form.

The form gives you the ability to update Your Reference, The Pick-up Date and Time and enables you to modify the Pick-up and Drop-off Locations if required.

create copy pop-up form


Once the job has been copied the system will return you to the main menu form. From here you will be able to click on the All Jobs button and view your copied job.