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Executive Car Adding/Removing Preferred Locations


Setting Up Locations

Please note: locations that you have entered before as part of requesting a job are stored in the system for a period of sixty days. These locations will be suggested as you type while requesting a job.

In addition, any locations you have stored in here will also be suggested as you type. So if you visit a place regularly and always want it to be available as a location suggestion then add it to your locations list.

To set up locations, first sign-in with your email and password. Then select the blue Locations menu button.

executive-car customer menu


After clicking the Locations button you will be presented with the following Locations List screen.

locations list


To add a new location to the list. Click on the + Create new link. The following create location pop up form will be displayed.

create location


Enter the location and then click the Save changes button to add it to the list of locations…

cancel job


Removing Locations

To remove a location from your preferred list simply click on the red X icon next to the location.

The system will display a confirm deletion message. Click on the blue Delete button to confirm that you want the location removed.

confirm delete location