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Equestrian Club Management

Use PlanIt-BookIt to manage your equestrian club

Manages your clubs memberships, enables full communication with past and present members, includes competition rankings, links directly to your Facebook page, takes online payments for membership dues and includes an automated BRC submission of membership information.

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Manages your club’s memberships


Includes a built in ranking system for different types of competition

Online Payments

Can take online payments for membership fees.


Hosted securely in the cloud


Enables full communication with your members

Social Media

Displays news feeds directly from your Facebook page

BRC Submission

Automated BRC submission of membership information

Member Accounts

Individual member accounts

Equestrian Club Management

Why PlanIt-BookIt?

Got to be honest here and PlanIt-BookIt didn’t start out as an equestrian management system, and that’s not me on the left! It started life as a court booking system and membership management system predominantly for squash, tennis and badminton clubs and my name is Martin Gilliard who simply has a passion for developing great software.

We got talking to Jan, a member of Selby and District Riding Club (SDRC).

Jan was looking for a software solution to assist with SDRC’s club management. Few systems exist out there that cater for the equestrian market.

We got talking about the membership management software included in our booking system, PlanIt-BookIt. Jan said it sounded like a good fit, so after a few tweaks and changes an equestrian version of PlanIt-BookIt was born. 

We did briefly consider changing the name to something more equestrian specific however we decided that that would just make the branding too complex – so we took an executive decision and decided to leave it as PlanIt-BookIt. Thinking that some equestrian centres may want to include the booking part of the system anyway for booking equestrian classes and coaching sessions.

So why should you use PlanIt-BookIt to manage your equestrian centre? 

Well for one we designed a template that allows you to automatically upload a British Riding Club (BRC) submission of your membership information in the exact format requested by BRC. 

Additionally, we tailored the membership system so that it could be configured to your specific requirements. For example, say you want to keep additional details about your members such as if they are first aid qualified or what their next of kin contact details are. Then that’s not an issue we have designed PlanIt-Bookit to enable you to collect whatever data you deem important to keep.

This is all stored in an encrypted format on super secure Microsoft Azure cloud servers – of which over 13 million customers are using.